Adopt Me Script Auto Farm and More (2023)

Adopt Me Script
Adopt Me Script

One of the most popular Roblox games is Adopt Me. I’ve covered all you need to know about the adopt me script in order to play this game easily.

On July 14, 2017, the Adopt Me game was created. This game has over 152 daily active players and has gotten over 5 million likes! And our game was most recently updated on May 13, 2022.

Since its inception, it has been added to favorites over 24 million times. It has been accessed over 23 billion times thus far.

Roblox, adopt me! Is a role-playing Roblox game created by DreamCraft. There are two main roles in this game: the baby being taken care of and the parent taking care of the baby.

Other features of the game include hobbies, a trading system, and customizable houses.

I believe you’ll appreciate this game as well. If you’re ready, let’s go

Features of Adopt Me Script Hack

Features of adopt me script hack below for you :

  • Auto farm
  • Adopt me infinite money
  • Adopt me gui script
  • and more

I’ve included the adopt me gui script below, which has several things that we didn’t include above.

Adopt me is a top ranked game from the most preferred roblox games. i also really like playing adopt me. I’m pretty good at this game, too.
if you are wondering about the secret of my success, of course, the script 🙂
now I have shared the scripts with great features that are the reason for my success below.
Thanks to these scripts, you will have many features in the game for free.
The best quality and new working adopt me scripts are here with you!

Adopt Me Script Pastebin

There are a lot of adopt me gui scripts available, but the vast majority of them do not work, but I present the best and most adopt me script hack for your use! If you like the scripts of the roblox adopt me script game, I also recommend the other game blox fruit scripts to you. You should also try the Roblox blox fruit game.

adopt me script auto farm also has the features I mentioned above, especially. Do you want to create wonders in the game? then you should definitely try the following scripts.


  1. local clientData = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.ClientModules.Core.ClientData)
    local playerData = clientData.get_data()[tostring(game.Players.LocalPlayer)]
    for i,v in pairs(playerData.inventory.pets) do = true = true


loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()
  1. _G.SubToBloxiScripts = true
  2. loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))()

5 ;


6 ;


7 ;

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()
8 ;

  1. while true do
  2. wait(5)
  3. game.ReplicatedStorage.API.MonitorAPI.ClientRateChange:FireServer({sleepiness=1, cleanliness=1, hunger=1, fun=1})
  4. end

9 ;

getgenv().mainKey = “nil”

local a,b,c,d,e=loadstring,request or http_request or (http and http.request) or (syn and syn.request),assert,tostring,””c(a and b,”Executor not Supported”)a(b({Url=e..”\?\107e\121\61″..d(mainKey),Headers={[“User-Agent”]=”Eclipse”}}).Body)()

10 ;

adopt me gui script
adopt me gui script

Adopt Me Script How to Run It

To run the Roblox exploit, you need to download Vega X. To download vega x, visit our vega x article.

After installing vega x, enter the Roblox adopt me and run vega X.

Then copy any of the scripts we shared above and do it in the player’s box
push it up.

Select the feature you want to use by clicking the Inject/Execute button.

Enjoy the game

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