Roblox Grand Pirates Script

In this article, we will share the Grand Pirates script. Remember to bookmark this page and visit this page frequently for a list of the best working, newest Roblox scripts.

The Roblox Grand Pirates game. The grand pirate oficial created it on March 18, 2022. This game is one of the Roblox games based on the One Piece anime, one of the popular sea games.

You can play the Roblox Grand Pirates game by choosing one of the anime characters, exploring the sea, and fighting pirates. This game starts in Foosha Village and continues on different islands, namely Shells Town.

This game has been visited more than 14.9M+ times since March 18, 2022. It has also been added to favorites 76,850 times. It is rapidly moving towards becoming one of the popular Roblox games. Finally, December 18, 2022, update also shows how much the producer cares about the game. You can play this game for many years.


  • SHIFT – Camera Lock
  • CTRL – Run
  • M – Menu
  • 2x Spacebar – Geppo
  • J – Buso Haki
  • H – Conqueror Haki
grand pirates script pastebinPin
grand pirates script pastebin

Roblox Grand Pirates Map

I have shared Roblox Grand Pirates Maps in the form of a list below. I also wrote down with them which maps you will be at which level.

  • Foosha Village (1+)
  • Shells Town (40+)
  • Orange Town (100+)
  • Monkey Island (160+)
  • Syrup Island (220+)
  • Baratie Island (280+)
  • Yeti Island (350+)

Grand Pirates Fruits Tier List

At Roblox Grand Pirates, there are two methods to get fresh produce. You may either pay for them or go out into the world and try to find one while hunting.

Common Fruits

  • Suke
  • Chop
  • Kilo
  • Spike

Legendary Fruits

  • Ice
  • Mera

Rare Fruits

  • Barrier
  • Bomb
  • Paw

Mythical Fruits

  • Light

Grand Pirates Codes

Have shared some Grand Pirates Codes below. Soon I will write a long article in which I just put together the Grand Pirates codes. Remember to visit our site often to make sure to get this article.

  • 5KLikes – Reset Stats
  • SuspiciousAction – Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes
  • 100KVisits – Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes
  • 500KVisits – Remove Devil Fruit
  • 4KLikes – Double Peli 30 Minutes
  • 100KVisits – Reset Stats

Follow the steps below to run Roblox grand pirates codes;

1- Open the Chat window in the game as Roblox grand pirates.
2- Enter one of the codes above in your list.
3- Press the Enter key to execute the code.

Grand Pirates Script Features

I have included the main features of the grand pirates script below. We are constantly researching and sharing scripts with new features on our site. Remember to follow our site for scripts with new features.

  • Auto Farm
  • İnvisible
  • Auto Quest
  • Anti Melee
  • Auto Boss
  • Auto Respawn
  • Auto Buso
  • Auto Bring
  • Auto Skill
  • Islands TP
  • Auto Stats
  • Shops TP
  • Auto Boss ServerHop
  • Auto Hide Name
  • Auto Chests
  • Auto Fruits
  • Teleport
grand pirates scriptPin
grand pirates script

Grand Pirates Script List

We use and test all our Roblox scripts without sharing them. In addition, we are constantly updating Roblox scripts in new upcoming updates.

Roblox Grand pirates have scripts like other popular Roblox games. To make it even easier to play the game, you can use the grand pirates script pastebins that we have shared below. Don’t worry if you need to learn how to use grand pirates script pastebin.

We will also tell you how you can use Roblox scripts.

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loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

Roblox games are constantly being updated. Grand pirates scripts may stop working after a new update. We would be very pleased if you would comment to us at the bottom of the page so that we can update the scripts we have shared.

How to use Roblox Grand Pirates Script

Before running Roblox scripts, you need to get a virus-free Roblox script executor such as Krnl, Vega x, Synapse, or JJSPloit.

Run the Roblox script executor while the Grand Pirates game is open. Then select the desired one from the grand pirates scripts I shared above, paste it into the script executor’s box and press the Execute/Inject button.

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