Roblox YBA Script

The Roblox YBA Script is a lovely and trustworthy one. In this essay, I covered everything regarding the YBA script pastebin.

The new Roblox script for the game YBA, also known as Your Bizarre Adventure, will give you access to the best and most sophisticated features, like God Mode, invisibility to other players, high and super leaps across the map, auto farm, and much more.

The game’s most dependable and virus-free vulnerabilities may be found in the YBA script pastebin. The script may stop working after a few weeks or a game update, so use it as soon as possible and share as much as possible with your friends and other players.

We check the yba scripts every day. They all work super hard. you will be invincible in the game with the following hands. Remember to follow us for new scripts. We share new scripts here every day.

Characteristics of the YBA script

The following are some of the outstanding aspects of the script:

Teleport to any location in an instant.

Auto item farm and item scouting

Anywhere, at any moment, you can do a high jump.

Miscellaneous characteristics include auto-fly, anti-ts, no fog, and one-shot kill.
And a lot more.

If you’re looking for something fresh and unpatched, check out some YBA scripts and other YBA hacks listed below.

YBA Script Pastebin

Although many YBA script pastebins are available, the majority have been patched. We combed several resources to find some of the best and most YBA-friendly tips for unwinding.
To enjoy Roblox’s strange adventure script life for free, utilize the executor given on our site to run these free script codes together with the YBA scripts provided below.






getgenv()[“Debug”] = false; –Lists the items that are spawned in the map
getgenv()[“Candy ESP”] = true; — Recommended to stay on true
getgenv()[“Server Hop Delay”] = 15; –Default is 40 (Recommended 35-50)
getgenv()[“Item Pickup Delay”] = 0.35; — Default is 0.35 (Dont Go below 0.3 or risk of getting banned)
getgenv()[“Webhook”] = false — Option to enable and disable webhook feature
getgenv()[“WebhookURL”] = “” –put the webhook in the “”
getgenv()[“Items To Farm”] = {
[“Lucky Arrow”] = true,
[“Mysterious Arrow”] = false,
[“Gold Coin”] = false,
[“Rokakaka”] = false,
[“Ancient Scroll”] = false,
[“Zepellin’s Headband”] = false,
[“Quinton’s Glove”] = false,
[“Dio’s Diary”] = false,
[“Rib Cage of The Saint’s Corpse”] = false,
[“Steel Ball”] = false,
[“Diamond”] = false,
[“Stone Mask”] = false,
[“Pure Rokakaka”] = false,
[“Red Candy”] = true,
[“Blue Candy”] = true,
[“Green Candy”] = true,
[“Yellow Candy”] = true


  1. loadstring(game.HttpGet(“”, “”))();


  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))()


  1. local Loader = loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))() — Timing for teleports, Reccomend not going below 0.5.


  1. local old; old = hookmetamethod(game, “__namecall”, function(self, …)
    args = {…}
    if getnamecallmethod() == “FireServer” and self.Name == “RemoteEvent” and args[1] == “UpdateState” and string.match(tostring(args[2]), “PlatformStanding”) then
    return print(“master wyv has saved you from getting kicked”)
    return old(self,…)

Script 8;

loadstring(game.HttpGet(game, “”))();

Script 9;

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

Script 10;

Script 11;
Script 12;


If you want to run the scripts above, read the rest of the article. We showed you how to use it in the simplest way possible.

How can I run a YBA script?

1- If you still need to do so, click the Vega X  below to get the best script player.

2- Once installed, access Roblox and activate the Roblox YBA and the downloaded exploit. Then copy and paste any of the scripts from Roblox into the executor’s box.

3- The script GUI will appear when you click the Inject button. You may now turn on the scripts you want.

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