Counter Blox Script (ESP, Aimbot More 2022)

Counter Blox Script
Counter Blox Script

Counter Blox is one of my favorite games among Roblox games. Automating this game will give you much more pleasure. I have shared the counter blox script pastebin below to automate this game.

The counter blox was created by ROLVe Community on September 27, 2015. The game has been played by more than 3 thousand people daily so far.

Counter blox has been visited more than 938 million times so far and has been added to more than 2.4 million favorites.

In addition, the game has been liked more than 785 thousand times so far.

This game is a shooter game. Its gameplay is similar to CSGO’s. It amply compensates players for killing opponents and achieving goals with money that can be used to purchase armor, weapons, and explosives at the beginning of each encounter.

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What are the Features of the Counter Blox Script

The following are excellent features that you can use with Scripts;

  • Aim Bot
  • Anti Vote Kick
  • Kill all
  • Spam chat
  • Esp,
  • Noclip
  • and more
Counter Blox Script Pastebin
Counter Blox Script Pastebin

Counter Blox Script Pastebin

There are a lot of counter blox script on the Internet, including on sites such as pastebin. I’ve studied them all in turn. I have added the counter blox script pastebin, which works best for you.


  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))()


  • loadstring(game:HttpGet(‘’, true))()


  1. getgenv().WB = false
    getgenv().Key = ‘t’ — key to turn on/off the wallbang
  2. loadstring(game:HttpGet(‘’))()


  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))();

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How To Execute Counter Blox Script

To run Roblox scripts, you first need to download the Roblox executor. If you haven’t downloaded

To download Vega X, go to the Vega X post.

Then open the counter blox game and Vega X.

Finally, copy any of the scripts we have shared and paste them into the player’s box.

Click the Inject/Execute button and select the feature you want to use later.

Take pleasure in the game.

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