Roblox Da Hood Script

Do you want to buy the Da Hood script in Roblox? Then this is the right place! We have shared the best working da hood scripts with you.

Da Hood is a role-playing game created by Da Hood Entertainment on January 27, 2019.
Roblox da hood has been visited more than 1.8B+ times since its creation and has been added to favorites by players more than 2,524,863 times.

With the sharing of this game on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, it has become quite popular for a short time.

It was last updated on December 11, 2022. You will be able to play this game with pleasure for many years.

Da Hood ScriptsPin
Da Hood Scripts

Roblox da hood maps that you need to know while playing this game;

  • Fitness Center
  • Police Station
  • Bank
  • Shops
  • Houses
  • Jeff’s
  • Basketball Court
  • Hood Kicks
  • Boxing Club
  • Hospital
  • Furniture Store
  • Jewelry Store
  • Church
  • Burger Shop
  • Casino

Gameplay is rewarded with in-game currency, which players may gather and use. This will allow players to stock up on various weaponry for use in counterattacks and defensive situations. Players may even take on the roles of law enforcement officials or criminals.

The officer’s job is to stop the crooks while they’re busy robbing banks and stores. Gaining November muscles at the gym is also a viable option for players who want to accomplish other objectives in the game. A player may reduce his muscular mass by eating lettuce in November.

Da Hood ScriptPin
Da Hood Script

Da Hood Roblox Controls Keyboard

How do you use da hood Roblox controls pc? I explained it briefly just below.

  • Left SHIFT to sprint
  • Left CTRL to crouch
  • Left SHIFT+G (Crouch + Carry) to Ragdoll thrown
  • Mouse left click to attack (if you have selected a weapon – bottom menu)
  • I-O or mouse wheel to zoom in & out
  • Esc to open the in-game settings
  • 1,2,3,4,5…to select items you already own
  • W, A, S, D – Move around (forward, left, back & right respectively)
  • G to carry
  • E to stomp
  • F to block (You can weave 100% if you time at the right time when blocking)

Da Hood Roblox Controls Xbox

After reading the usage below, Da Hood Roblox Controls Xbox, it’s time to try da hood scripts.

Da Hood Roblox Codes

It is quite easy to use hood codes in Roblox. With these codes, you will get many advantages in the game. Then use the hood codes too!

  • AugWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • RevolverWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • DrumWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • FlamethrowerWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • TacticalShotgunWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • P90Winter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • ShotgunWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • SMGWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin 
  • GlockWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • SilencedGlockWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • SilencedAR15Winter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • Ak47Winter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • RPGWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • LMGWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • DoubleBarrelWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
  • RifleWinter2022 – 100k coins and free skin
Da Hood CodesPin
Da Hood Codes

How to Redeem Da Hood Codes

Follow the steps below to run Roblox da hood codes;

1- Open the Chat window in the game as Roblox da hood.
2- Enter one of the codes above in your list.
3- Press the Enter key to execute the code.

Do you need other Roblox codes? We have many different options on our site. Check out the Roblox Grand Pirates codes. Also, check out their codes. Take a look at the Blox Fruits script as well.

We are constantly sharing new Roblox scripts and codes on our site. Please bookmark our site and visit us constantly.

Da Hood Script Features

Roblox da hood script has many great features that I have listed and not listed below. We are constantly testing these scripts and adding scripts with new features here.

If you want to ensure you get all the da hood scripts with new features, I recommend you constantly visit this page and our site.

  • God Mode
  • Headless
  • Fly
  • Super Tazer
  • Animations
  • Speed
  • Items Spammer
  • Bring Cash
  • Teleports
  • Combat
  • Cash fling
  • Aimbot
  • Auto Aim
  • Kill all enemies
  • and more best features…
dahood scriptsPin
dahood scripts

Da Hood Script Pastebin

We use and test all our Roblox scripts every day. We keep Roblox scripts constantly updated for you.

The following scripts have been tested, and they work great. If you liked the ro gangsters in Da hood game, Ro-Gangsters also appeared in Da Hood and other popular Roblox games, Funky Friday and mm2. It would be best if you also tried the funky friday script and the murder mystery 2 script.


loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()


loadstring(game:HttpGet(‘’, true))()


















loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()


_G.Cash = “$999,777,771” –make sure to add the “,” and the “$” at the front or it wont work. EX : $9,000game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.MainScreenGui.MoneyText.Text = _G.Cash
game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer.Backpack.Wallet.Handle.BillboardGui.TextLabel.Text = _G.Cash
game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer.Backpack.Wallet.Handle.BillboardGui.TextLabel.Value = _G.Cash



I shared some great dahood scripts above. If you are thinking about how to run them, you can easily run da hood scripts by continuing to read the article.

How to use Da Hood Script

Before running Roblox da hood modded script, you need to get a virus-free Roblox script executor such as Krnl, Vega x, Synapse.

Run the Roblox script executor while the Roblox Da Hood game is open. Then select the desired one from the dahood scripts I shared above, paste it into the script executor’s box and press the Execute/Inject button.

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